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Virtue exists to show women how to live uncommon in a common world. The world teaches women to be insecure, seek attention, and make decisions with only herself in mind. However, the Bible says more.

Virtue is a Women’s Ministry inspired by Proverbs 31 and the story of Ruth in the Bible. While there are additional stories of virtuous women in the Bible, these chapters are the foundation of Virtue. A virtuous woman is strong and courageous. She uplifts her husband and prays over her household. She loves God and loves people. A virtuous woman is proud of her faith and is an inspiration to others.

Without Virtue, countless women may not know they don’t have to be afraid—of anything. They may not know who God says they are. They may not know the freedom that lies within a godly community. Virtue is here to inspire women to be more like Jesus every day.

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