Youth ministry

Your Place Church values the next generation. We have specially designed services for 6th-12th grades where they can fall passionately in love with Jesus and form life-giving relationships. If you are interested in bringing your student to Exchange, you can read below to find out more information or visit


Uproar is every first Sunday of the month at 7pm. This service is designed to reach students 6th-12th. We have one big service where all house parties join together. Though we have multiple house parties, Uproar is a great reminder that we are still one church, one heart. The name Uproar stems from our desire to make noise about Jesus. We have a heart to see students fall passionately in love with Jesus and have fun while doing it. 


In late 2016, the YP Students Staff noticed there was a disconnect between students and leaders. Although worship and messages are great, what students need most is to have great relationships. As a team we realized most students don't remember the messages as much as they remember moments. House Parties are our fix to the problem.

We have moved church to homes. With this move, we have realized that houses have a natural tendency to feel more laid back and relational. HP's have a very intentional flow throughout the night, with our main focus being on relationships. The flow of each house party may be different but the vision remains the same—get students connected in great relationships and get them serving in the church.

NOTE TO THE PARENTS: All HP Host Parents have background checks and are serving within our church. We keep the safety of your students in mind when choosing new homes and new locations.