only one spiritual gift accelerates the vision of the church — generosity.

Scroll below to see which projects God has faithfully paid in full, as well as the projects we’re currently believing for. Thank you for being such a generous church!

final tile.jpg

August 2019

Had all of the bathroom floor tile donated

final generic.jpg

August 2019

Paid for office flooring for the new office area $3811.68

paid in full.jpg

August 2019

Purchased new air unit for the tennis courts $32,000

Paid In Full Template.png

April 2019

Purchased a new air unit for the auditorium for $31,000

August 2018

Purchased golf cart for $3,400

final mac.jpg

July 2018

Purchased a new iMac for the Production booth for $1,879

Paid In Full Template.png

June 2018

We paid $76,237.71 for a new paved parking lot

August 2017

Purchased a new sound board for the auditorium $1,999.99

final sign.jpg

June 2017

New Digital Church sign $8925.47

paid in full.jpg

April 2017

New air unit for the kids Elevate room $6,144.13

Paid In Full Template.png

March 2017

New exterior trim painted for $4,200

final van.jpg

March 2017

Purchased van, 2 baby cribs & several tables & chairs for $6,100 

final awnings.jpg

January 2017

Purchased Awnings for the front of the building $3,128

final generic.jpg

August 2016

Purchased New sound system for Elevate children’s area (now used in Motion) for $8681.86

January 2015

We needed a down payment in the amount of $228,522.46 to purchase our facility